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Universal solution for storage of bar material, coils, sheets and other plate material.

UNIKANT cantilever racks consist of columns, fixed arms and horizontal diagonal braces. The cantilever racks are especially designed for the storage of bar or plate material by means of handling equipment or by hand.

The material is stacked on the rack beams individually, as a bundle or other handling unit. It is always stored on two or more beams of the same storage level of the rack.

When using special accessories approved by the rack manufacturer, other storage methods are possible. Different types of handling equipment may be used for stacking, depending on the type of material to be stacked. The racks are designed for stacking using forklift trucks or special stackers. Racks at low height can be operated manually if the nature of the material safely allows it.


  • Height of Unikant – from 2 000 to 6 000 mm as standard
  • Arm length from 500 to 2 000 mm
  • Column load capacity up to 20 000 kg
  • Arm capacity up to 1 500 kg

Standard accessories

  • Anti-roll stops
  • Cable drum axle holders
  • Longitudinal storage panels