Pallet Racking - Premierack


Pallet Racking - Premierack

Still the most common form of pallet storage – a wide aisle rack configuration allows non-restrictive ordering system, unrestricted access to all pallets and suitable for all types of storage media and no specialist forklift trucks are required.

Even in state-of-the-art warehousing operations the standard pallet racking system is still the most common form of pallet storage. In any number of industries logistic companies appreciate the versatility of the Premierack system, which can be assembled as single or double deep racks.

Premierack can be easily adapted with accessories. Mesh panels converting the pallet racking to a shelving system for boxes or smaller storage units. This is often used in picking areas integrated in the pallet racking system or in the case of multi tier solutions.


Pallet Racking - Premierack

Adjustable wide aisle pallet racking is the most widely used storage system for all palletized and non-palletised loads. Single or double sided runs of racking are separated by wide aisles which can be sized to suit the customer‘s existing fork-lift trucks:

Wide Aisle Pallet racking gives:

  • 100% accessibility to individual pallets
  • Highly versatile - adjustable beams mean that the system can be designed to suit all pallet sizes to maximize space utilisation
  • Use of conventional fork-lift trucks - cost effective
  • Easily installed or repositioned
  • Good occupancy rates can be achieved